Installing virtual operating systems with GNOME Boxes

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GNOME Boxes is an application in GNOME Desktop Environment, which enables you to virtually access various operating systems.

Installing a virtual operating system from the list of predefined systems

To install a virtual operating system:

  1. Run GNOME Boxes using the Super key and typing Boxes. In GNOME Boxes, click the New button.

    New machine
  2. Download an operating system.

    Download your system

    Choose one of the predefined systems from the list.

    Select machine

    Alternatively, download an ISO image from the relevant website and select the file as shown in the screen below:

    Select from file
  3. Choose your user name, password, and installation type.

    Setup machine
  4. Review your installation.

    Installation review

    To modify resources of the installed virtual operating system, such as RAM or disk size, click the Customize button.

    Customize resources
  5. To start the installation of the virtual operating system, click the Create button.

    The actual installation process may differ based on the selected operating system.

    Installed systems are available to run in the main menu of GNOME Boxes.

    Select operating system